Therapeutic Storywriting on SENDcast

The SENDcast podcast has long been a favourite source of up-to-the-minute thought leadership in the SEND field. Dr Trisha was delighted to be recently interviewed by host Dale Pickles about the origins of Therapeutic Storywriting and its benefits to pupils who are distracted by their inner emotional landscape.

Listen now:

Coming soon:

It is a real pleasure to work with Dale Pickles and his team at SENDcast. Dale brings an insightful and down-to-earth approach to his support for pupils. 
The next podcast collaborations between the Centre for Therapeutic Storywriting and SENDcast will be aired over the next couple of months. Topics will include:
  • Story Links: Working with Parents of Vulnerable Pupils
  • Story Metaphor and its Use in Supporting Emotional Literacy
  • Use of Mindfulness Tuning to support Emotional Literacy