Therapeutic Storywriting

For children with dyslexia, creative writing can pose specific, and at times intractable, difficulties. This can lead them to developing a dislike of writing and block their development and enjoyment in the classroom. Therapeutic Storywriting offers a path through this difficulty.

Spotlight on Dyslexia and Therapeutic Storywriting: Helping children with dyslexia ...

The therapeutic and the academic in Therapeutic Storywriting The fairy tale offers fantasy materials which suggest to the child in symbolic form what the battle to achieve self-realisation is all about, and it guarantees a happy ending.– Bruno Bettelheim, The Uses of Enchantment The child who is at risk of […]

Helping children to move beyond reaction to reflection

There are a few places left on the Story Links Parent Partnership course and the Therapeutic Storywriting Groups training.  Both interventions have an extensive evidence-base that shows they support both emotional wellbeing and academic literacy. Read our latest blog focuses on Story Links and gives a good overview of the intervention. You […]

CTSW update: September 2021

In delivering professional development to teachers working with vulnerable pupils it is clear that post Covid pandemic that there are even more pupils in need of emotional support in our schools than before. Teachers are reporting how some pupils are finding it difficult to settle back in the classroom and […]

Post-pandemic: time to bring Psychological Mindedness into schools

Thinking of interventions for next term to support pupils’ emotional wellbeing while also developing literacy skills? Research shows that our Therapeutic Storywriting Groups and Story Links (parent partnership) interventions meet both these targets. Please find details of our upcoming courses below. We are also now active  on LinkedIn where we’ll be promoting concepts, […]

CTSW update July 2021

The contribution that an understanding of attachment theory can make to schools and learning outcomes is considerable.  There are links between attachment, behaviour and learning. Behind every child who misbehaves and underperforms in school there is a story, and the story is acted out in the classroom. While it is […]

Attachment Behaviour and Learning

What if we could develop the confidence in children and young people to talk about, and understand, any troubling emotions that are holding them back? Therapeutic Storywriting aims to do just that and schools in more than 23 Local Authorities in the UK are using the programme with great success. […]

Therapeutic Storywriting Supports Pupils’ Emotional Wellbeing

Primary schools are increasingly encountering self-harm amongst pupils who cannot explain why they are doing it, leaving teachers struggling to know what to do.  It is an expression of feeling. Self-harm tends to be associated with teenagers and schools are more likely to be able to confidently respond to this […]

Primary-age children who self-harm